01. Students are usually [uptight] before a test.
02. My cousin is [uptight] because he doesn't have a job, and he needs money to pay his mortgage.
03. Why are you so [uptight] this evening? What's bothering you?
04. I can tell when he is [uptight] because he always gets really quiet, and turns red in the face.
05. My dad gets really [uptight] anytime I try to talk to him about learning how to drive.
06. We felt really [uptight] before the game, but then relaxed once we got on the field and started playing.
07. I felt a little [uptight] before our baby was born because I didn't know if I would make a good mother.
08. I felt a bit [uptight] before my first date with Anne, but she made me feel relaxed really quickly.
09. She hasn't talked to her dad about her problems at school yet because he's really [uptight] about his work these days and she doesn't want to bother him.
10. He's not a very good manager. He gets too [uptight] about everything so no one likes working under him.
11. We felt really [uptight] while we were looking for a used car because we were afraid of getting a bad deal.
12. You seem a little [uptight] about something. Is it anything I can help you with?
13. My boss is an [uptight] sort of person who doesn't really know how to relax.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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